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December 13, 2016


Applying a vinyl wrap to your existing cornhole boards

Applying a vinyl wrap to your existing cornhole board can somewhat feel difficult but it is really quite easy. The biggest key is making sure your boards are dust free and the wrap placement is straight.

To get started a person just really needs to dive into the project with confidence and understanding of trying to keep the decal bubble free. 

First just place the wraps down on the boards design side up and square with the boards.

Second place a piece of masking tape in the center and adhere the tape to the boards to hold the wrap completely secure. 

Third pull the top portion of the wrap up and peel the backing paper toward the center portion of the wrap that is secured to the board. 

Fourth cut the backing paper and discard but making sure the vinyl portion is not damaged and always holding the vinyl from folding or sticking to itself.

Fifth securely holding the vinyl lay the portion that is near the center with a hard card or plastic card in a left to right motion pressing the vinyl to the board. Do not get ahead of the back and fourth area this is how bubbles are created under the vinyl.

Sixth repeat the bottom portion but this time remove the masking tape so as all the vinyl area on the bottom is exposed. Repeat the left to right motion to adhere the bottom portion of wrap to the board. Once to the top you should be in a bubble free dust free area.

Lastly trim edges to fit the board


You can also watch the video on our site to really see the action in person.



The Wrap your boards team